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Lokal Enerji Genel Müdürlük

Constantly growing success story, from past to present.

Lokal Enerji was founded in 2005 by Murat Yıldırım. In the first few years, we carried out fuel transportation and oil services to national and international roads. During this period we have gained significant experience with Turkish Petroleum’s transportation, crude oil and diesel shipments that originate from northern Iraq.

The opening of our fuel storage facilities in Ankara Güvercinlik and Diyarbakır was followed by our LPG storage and filling facility in Ankara Kahramankazan. After these investments, which enable reliable and fast shipping thanks to the railway connections, we established our Anapet fuel transportation company and we have the largest railway transportation fleet in the industry with the purchase of tank wagons.

With our transfer facility we built in Kırıkkale Yahşihan, we opened the way for fuel transfer from tank wagons to land tankers. While these developments are taking place, we have incorporated our new subsidiary, which is exemplary in the transportation sector, with our trailer that draws self-owned vehicles in the logistics sector where fuel is consumed the most.

As Lokal Enerji, we continue to grow confidently and contribute to our country's economy by signing the right works, as we have done since our establishment.

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